tirsdag den 14. februar 2012

How can I ask for money?

Note: Google adsense has been activated because no one has donated so far, and the money needs to come from somewhere..donations are really needed!!
How dare I ask for anyone's money for someone I know, and you don't?
Seems selfish, perhaps..the thing is, though...that it isn't..I'm asking for money for a person who has been working her ass off, and even though she might not be admitting it, she is even suffering from post-traumatic stress..the stress that hits her everyday, she doesn't have time or energy to express it..sure, she is uemployed and has a lot of time on her hands..but you all know what? When you're uemployed, you feel like shit! You feel worthless and you wonder why you can't get a job, why you have to get by, with a small ammount from the government..it's such a shame that this struggling mother is battling..she wants to work..she wants just enough financial back-up to actually enjoy the day, and not worry every second awake, about how the future is gonna be for her..how it's gonna look, when she retires..what the fuck is going on, can't anyone help her?
This is such a desperate post, it really is..why not? It is, because she is desperate, and she doesn't want to admit it really.
It is not easy being her, not in any way.
Show respect and love by donating...share this blog, and for god sake, let her not suffer exhaustion in silence..
I humbly ask this of you.
Thank you for reading this!

I do not claim that this is charity. This is just helping a person I know. This "text" does not represent a charitable organization.

onsdag den 8. februar 2012

Help a mother in need

Hello out there, thank you for coming to thits page.

This mother struggles. She is divorced. Her ex-husband does not help to pay their teenage daughters' expenses, and neither did he contribute financially when their son was still living home. She is unemployed and has been so for 3 years, while constantly fighting to get a job. Every day she has sought for one. Everyday she has stressed and worried about the future, only wanting the best for her daughter. She has cut down on all expenses, and is facing a solid-sized debt. She has not taken care of her self. It has become a down priority. It’s like she forgot how important she is, because she has been fighting so much for her children.
She is never really relaxed, and it seems that she keeps heading her head against the wall, when she looks for a job. She does not need to live extravagantly, she only wishes to live without all the time worrying, how she’s going to make it. She says that she will make it, because so far she’s made it, but it gets harder and harder for her. She is exhausted and it visible. She cannot truly relax.
This is why, I, as someone who knows her, ask for your help. (Please respect that I keep all names and geographical information hidden, since no one wants to be known as a struggling person).
This is a hand reaching out to all the people reading this. I believe that there are people out there who will sympathize with her situation. This mother needs to take good care of her self and in this case, money will get her very far.
I sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, hope that some of you people reading this, will push the donate button. You will make a tremendous difference in a person’s life. Do love for this struggling mother.
Thank you so much for your kindness.
I do not claim that this is charity. This is just helping a person I know. This "text" does not represent a charitable organization.